Fan Experiences lets you hang out with the Guests!

We Saved the World. I Say We Party.

In order to attend the Fan Experiences attendees MUST have a WhedonCon badge valid for the day of the experience. Fees for the following Fan Experiences do not include admission to the convention nor sales tax as the taxman wants his share.

READ THIS - Super Important About How to Purchase

A GrowTix account is required to purchase Fan Experiences. After you've purchased your badge(s), or if you already have a GrowTix account, go to the purchase page to Sign Up/Log In (link is at the top right of the GrowTix purchase page) using the same email address you used when you bought your badge (don't use the Facebook shortcut if it's a different email address). The site will then show all the Fan Experiences for purchase.

After a night of wreaking havoc, take refuge from the rising sun to dine in style with James Marsters, Julie Benz, Juliet Landau, and Camden Toy. This devilishly delicious Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, sausage, Yukon gold potatoes, and a selection of orange juice, coffee, and hot tea.

$50 - SOLD OUT

Whether you're an Actual, a Butcher, or a Dumbshow, this is the soirée for you! Network with WhedonVerse alum including Miracle Laurie, James Marsters, Juliet Landau and Julie Benz,among the ruins of civilization at EPITAPH THREE, set in the post-apocalyptic 2019 of Dollhouse while celebrating the series' 10-year anniversary. Dine on vegetarian Mediterranean appetizers and sip specialty drinks from the bar. (Evening/party attire suggested).


Even Little Bads have BIG appetites! Scheme with Jonathan Woodward, Andrew Ferchland, James Leary, Dagney Kerr, Tim DeZarn, and Damion Poitier. This wicked brunch includes vegetable frittata, turkey sausage links, and hash brown potatoes because even a villain has to eat healthy!


Willow stole the slayer scythe and abandoned our plane of existence hoping against hope to find magic and bring it back to our world. What if Buffy had followed her down that mystical "rabbit hole"? Join Buffy at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party--a theatrical immersion into the world inspired by Willow: Wonderland, the Dark Horse miniseries produced by Joss Whedon and brought to life by writers Jeff Parker and Christos Gage and illustrator Brian Ching. Sit back and enjoy the magic as you sip your hot or iced tea with assorted sandwiches and petite fours.  $40

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2019 Spike's Crypt

Vampires are disappearing from the offices of Wolfram & Hart! Help our favorite Blonde to find the culprit and unravel the mystery. Celebrate Angel’s 20th Anniversary by diving into a specially crafted WhedonCon murder mystery game with one of Angel’s leading ladies, Julie Benz.

$50 - limited to 20 people

Walk in worlds the others can't begin to imagine in this immersive fan experience for the ages! Twenty lucky fools for love will join blood-stained lovebirds James Marsters and Juliet Landau in Spike's Crypt.

$50  - limited to 20 people SOLD OUT

The money's getting away! Pull up a chair and put on your game face in Spike's Crypt for a rousing game of Exploding Kittens complete with a basket full of kitten souvenirs! Act fast because with these hilarious gentlemen, time is what turns kittens into cats!
Join James Leary, Camden Toy, Tim DeZarn, Jonathan Woodward, and Andrew Ferchland.

$50 - limited to 20 people

Did I Fall Asleep?  Spend “a little while” in our cozy crypt building your own souvenir doll from felt, fabric, and stuffing while chatting with Dollhouse’s Summer Glau and Miracle Laurie in this unique and intimate family friendly Craft & Crypt.  While all ages are welcome, everyone attending must have paid to attend, including children.

$50 - limited to 20 people

Plot against those annoying Happy Meals on legs with a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity with Jonathan M. Woodward, Andrew Ferchland, Camden Toy, Tim DeZarn, and James Leary in Spike's Crypt. Satisfy your craving for the perfect hour of laughter and schemes for the vampire, demon, or Harbinger inside us all.

$50 - limited to 20 people SOLD OUT

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2019 Craft & Chats

The following Craft and Chats will be open for purchase to Premium Badge Holders on Sat, May 18th at 6:00pm PDT and to Regular Badge Holders on Sunday, May 19th at 6:00pm.

Can't Even Shout / Can't Even Cry / The Gentleman is Coming By / Craft Wood HUSH Boxes / Black Velvet Cores / We've Only Got Ten / And One Could Be Yours

$30 limited to 10 people  SOLD OUT

Join Gigi Edgley in crafting a trusty Farscape-inspired comm. Never lose touch with the Leviathan in your life again!    

$30 - limited to 10 people

Craft personalized meditative Serenity Tins combining unique Whedon-inspired elements including small paper cutouts, inspirational sayings, and assorted trinkets and affixing them to the inside of a classic metallic tin.

$30 - limited to 10 people

Turn up the heat on your artistic side as you paint and craft beautiful and delicate Firefly-inspired silk and bamboo fans. Show Summer Glau who her biggest fans are!

$30 - limited to 10 people

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All age event but all children under 18 years of age must be accompanied at all times with a paid adult.
VERY IMPORTANT - After you've purchased your badge(s), go back to the purchase page, then Sign Up/Log In at the top right of the GrowTix purchase page using the same email address you used when you bought your badge (don't use the Facebook shortcut if it's a different email address), then the correct concert ticket price will show up. If you still have issues, email us at

With Weekend Badge Purchase - $15 pre-con / $20 at-con

With Saturday Badge Purchase - $20 pre-con / $20 at-con

General Admission $40 pre-con / $50 at-con

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Autograph and Photograph Sessions Autographs are located in the Sunnydale Mall. Meet your favorite talent at their tables, spend a moment chatting with them and getting items autographed.  In the Photo Studio you can have your photo taken with a guest and have a special photo printed on the fly to be signed later.

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