"Con Man" PJ Haarsma hits Whedonopolis 2016!

Science fiction author, Philip-Jon “PJ” Haarsma was best known for creating the beloved Rings of Orbis universe, brought to life in both his Softwire books and his role-playing games.

And then he executive-produced the hit web sensation “Con Man” (starring “Firefly” alum Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion), and shattered single-day fundraising records with its runaway IndieGoGo campaign.

"Con Man" tells the story of Wray Nerely (Tudyk), a struggling actor whose claim to fame is a cancelled Scifi tv series called Spectrum, who must travel the convention circuit while his friend and co-star Jack Moore (Fillion) navigates the highways of Hollywood’s A-list.

Based loosely on Tudyk’s own adventure, the series was entirely crowd-funded and released to rave reviews. Haarsma will discuss the production of the series and host a screening.

When he’s not writing or executive producing, Haarsma sits on the advisory board for Kids Need to Read, a charity he and Nathan Fillion co-founded in 2007 that stocks the libraries of underfunded and underprivileged schools. For more information about PJ Haarsma’s written works or to learn more about Kids Need to Read, visit http://pjhaarsma.com/.

For more information about “Con Man,” check out http://conmantheseries.com/

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