Michael Lovitz Brings Comic Book Law to Whedonopolis 2016!

Interested in starting your own comic series? Writing your own book trilogy? Kickstarting your dream project? Then you need to meet Michael Lovitz!

Senior Partner at Lovitz IP Law PC, Michael Lovitz focuses on trademarks, copyrights, and assorted entertainment matters. As a warm-up to his acclaimed Comic Book Law School lecture series at San Diego Comic Con (now in it’s 12th year!), Lovitz will be presenting an abbreviated version at Whedonopolis 2016.

The panels will cover several issues facing creators such as: basic rights provided under U.S. copyright and trademark law, internet and social media concerns, enforcement of rights (in the US and abroad), and a discussion of Fair Use vs. Parody vs. Satire. Because of the importance of your work, it’s important for any creative community to understand how to protect themselves and produce new and creative products without taking unfair advantage of the rights of others.

In addition to his entertainment advising , Michael is a frequent instructor and lecturer to Law Institutes and Bar Associations on trademark, copyright, Internet, licensing, ethics and related issues, has spoken at seminars, conventions and conferences, written numerous articles, notes and reviews focusing on intellectual property law issues, and authored The Trademark and Copyright Book (2001).

A list of subjects, plus how to schedule one-on-one legal advice, will be online closer to the convention

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