Whedon’s Wonder Woman Opens Whedonopolis 2016 (and Special Friday Pricing)!!

Before the Avengers, Joss Whedon did… WONDER WOMAN!!!

Ok, it’s not like it sounds. Joss Whedon did a draft of Wonder Woman that was ultimately passed on by the Studio (Remember, this was before the Avengers!).

But last year, Manhattan Beach comic shop The Comic Bug got their hands on a copy of the 2007 script, and decided to stage a reading of it…

And it was good…

Very good…

So good, in fact, that they’ve agreed to bring it to Whedonopolis 2016 as one of our Opening Night events.

With Wonder Woman cosplayer Jennifer Wenger in the lead and director Curtis Fortier bringing the stalwart Steve Trevor to life, this staged reading promises to be every bit as exciting and action-packed as the actual movie would have been…only with a much smaller budget. Adam Marcus will keep the narration and action brisk, with accompanying sound design and musical score by Thirsty Crowes member, Chris Saunders.

Rounding out the stellar cast is Rafael Navarro, Eddie Jordan III, Kate Enggren, Tracy Drolet, Scott Koblish, Debra Sullivan and Mike Wellman, all giving their best to give us a fun and RARE opportunity to see the Wonder Woman that could have been.

And to make it easy for you to join in the fun, Whedonopolis is releasing a handful of Friday-Only memberships for the low LOW Preview Night Price of $20.00 each ($15 for kids under 13!) So click on the “Click Here to Buy Memberships” button below and join us for the fun!! Who knows when this will happen again?

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