WhedonCon 2017 Finds a New Home!!

Yes, that’s right! WhedonCon 2017 is relocating to the Warner Center Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills.

Not to worry, Airtel -it’s not you, it’s us (it was an amicable split). We’re a growing convention! While the Airtel was a fantastic place to sink our teeth into the convention world, we hope to continue said growth and provide Whedon fans with the best experience possible.

So, what does this mean for you, loyal attendees? More space for Whedon-y goodness! The Warner Center Marriot Hotel boasts an impressive selection of spaces, including larger rooms to hold some of our key events, such as Prom at the Bronze and our Cosplay Costume Contest. We hope to build on our events roster for the convention, and this new space allows us to do just that.

Reason number two: more travel convenience for you! Woodland Hills is a beautiful, bustling part of Los Angeles with access to public transportation only minutes away (which means that not having a car is no longer a viable excuse!). For out-of-towners not wanting to shell out the money to rent a car, the metro system is your savior.

Warner Center Marriott is also surrounded by restaurants within walking distance (in case breakfast buffets aren’t your style). There are plenty of shops nearby as well.

Woodland Hills itself is closely connected to other iconic sites within Los Angeles such as Malibu Beach, should you decide to extend your trip, as well as convenient access to Universal Studios and the famed Hollywood and Highland Entertainment complex.

Travel convenience, more space, unlimited number of food options at your fingertips – what more could you ask for in a change of venue? We think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship, Warner Center Marriott.

WhedonCon 2017 will take place May 19th-21st, 2017. For memberships and discounted room rates, head over to www.whedoncon.com, then check out the Warner Center Marriott to peruse a map of the area, pictures of the hotel and of course to plan your great adventure with us. We sincerely hope you will join us for our second convention as we celebrate all things Whedon!


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