Gigi Edgley Is Coming to WhedonCon 2017

Gigi Edgley stole the hearts of SciFi enthusiasts as the mischievous Chiana on the series "Farscape", becoming one of its most popular and at times controversial characters over her five year run. Presently she is host of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy Channel and is producing independent projects.

Gigi has an extensive history with The Jim Henson Company beginning with her popular role as Chiana on the company’s critically acclaimed scifi series, Farscape. Gigi was originally cast as a guest star for one episode, but quickly captured the attention of the Farscape writers, producers and the fans alike.

Gigi was nominated for the Film’s Critic’s Circle awards for best lead actress in the feature "Last Train To Freo", the SyFy Genre Award for Best Supporting actress, the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a television series and Maxim Award for Sexiest Space Babe.

Recently Gigi's team raised over $44,000 on Kickstarter to fund the scifi short "Hashtag" which they are planning to take it to the Sundance, Cannes and Toronto film festivals.

Currently she is filming Nexus.

And here's a short of Gigi in the web project "Star Trek Continues"

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