Mark Your Calendar for Robia LaMorte Scott

All right Scoobies, you might want to sit down for this one. WhedonCon is elated to announce that Robia LaMorte Scott will be joining the ranks of our growing family this May! LaMorte Scott is best known in the Whedonverse for her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Giles’ ill-fated love interest, the quick-witted Jenny Calendar. Fans of the cult favorite show had their hearts forever shattered when the computer teacher-cum-Techno Pagan-cum-Romani spy was brutally slain by Angelus in Season Two, never completing her quest to restore his lost soul. Some of the WhedonCon staff still haven’t recovered from it, and we bet you haven’t either.

Robia LaMorte Scott was born in Queens, New York. Prior to discovering her acting chops, she flourished in dance. At the young age of ten, she began studying at the LA School for the Performing Arts and the Dupree Dance Academy. By 16, she had ventured into the world of professional dance.

In 1991, she was selected by Prince himself to dance on tour for his “Diamonds & Pearls” album, even gracing the album cover with her face. LaMorte Scott nabbed a role on Beverly Hills 90210 for a guest stint in 1993. That same year she was featured in the independent film The Pros & Cons of Breathing. She also appeared in the sci-fi flick Spawn before landing the coveted role of our favorite Sunnydale teacher in 1997.

After Buffy, LaMorte Scott appeared in the 1999 Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle Time of Your Life and guest starred on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2001. Her most recent project saw her portray Natalie in the 2005 drama flick Pomegranate. Shortly thereafter, LaMorte Scott announced her retirement from acting, instead choosing to devote herself full-time to Christian ministry and counseling.

LaMorte Scott will be joining our WhedonCon family alongside onscreen Whedonverse alum Nicholas Brendon, Harry Groener, Keith Szarabajka, Armin Shimerman, Camden Toy, James Leary, Miracle Laurie, Andrew Ferchland, Dagney Kerr, and Damion Poitier as well as Tim Minear, Christos Gage, Farscape’s Gigi Edley, and WhedonCon 2017 Guest of Honor David Fury.

Are you excited yet, Whedonites? Get ready to ask Robia LaMorte Scott everything you’ve been dying (hopefully not like Jenny though) to know about what it’s like to work with Anthony Head or pal around with Sarah Michelle Gellar! LaMorte Scott is a wonderful addition to WhedonCon 2017 and is guaranteed to entertain all her loyal Scoobies. If you’re champing at the bit to hear some juicy behind-the-scenes stories from Jenny Calendar herself, you can purchase memberships here.

WhedonCon 2017 is mixing magic with science on May 19-21 at The Warner Center Marriott in Los Angeles. In honor of the late Ron Glass, proceeds from the convention will go towards The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, a charity that provides free and low-cost after school and summer programs for students in grades 3-12.

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