Sisters Unite (Around a New Charity)

Remember that time Buffy considered becoming a nun, barring a few . . . stipulations? Well, regardless of the food quality, we are thrilled to welcome The Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to our WhedonCon Family. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence describe themselves as "an Order of 21st Century Nuns dedicated to the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt." Just how do they promulgate that joy and expiate that guilt? By putting on breathtakingly FABULOUS drag performances!

Singing and dancing since 1995, the LA-based Sisters are a mainstay of Los Angeles gay culture, having received awards and commendations from the C.S.W., the City of Los Angeles, the City of West Hollywood, and the California State Assembly. In twenty-two years, the 30-strong unconventional convent has gained a loyal following, mounted a series of productions, performed alongside a seemingly unending list of celebrities, and starred in a documentary, all while raising money for worthy and important charities.

This year, WhedonCon will appear on the Sisters' very impressive résumé. On Saturday night of the con, brace yourself for Perpetual Indulgence as the Sisters put on a rousing rendition of "West Hollywood Squares" a parody of the popular game show "Hollywood Squares" that asks WhedonVerse trivia questions while sprinkling in a little gay history. After that, sit back with a drink and enjoy "Drag Nuns Read Smut," an after-hours performance featuring the Sisters offering animated interpretations of the filthiest WhedonVerse fanfiction they can get their hands on.

In honor of the Sisters' decades of charity work, WhedonCon is proud to announce that we are adding My Friend's Place as a recipient of a portion of the 2017 convention's proceeds. Running strong since 1988, My Friend's Place is an organization that helps to support over a third of the homeless youth population in Los Angeles by providing them with access to health care, education, the arts, and most importantly, a safe haven in the form of shelter, clothing, hygiene supplies, and hot meals.

WhedonCon 2017 is encouraging good puns and bad habits* on May 19-21 at The Warner Center Marriott in Los Angeles. In honor of the late Ron Glass, proceeds from the convention will go towards The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, a charity that provides free and low-cost after school and summer programs for students in grades 3-12.

To view the official mission statement of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, scroll to the bottom of the page. For the LA group's full "Sistory," click here.

*Some people may say that good puns are a bad habit but most people agree that "bad habits" is a good pun for an article about nuns.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Our Mission

Simply put: Our mission is to make people happy, stamp out guilt brought on by a judgmental society and help various organizations and charities, etc .... Our goal is to embrace our gay and diverse selves and each other as we are today, as we were born and as we are meant to be. Our goal is to share kindness, love and laughter with those we have met, those we meet today and those we will meet tomorrow as a source of personal empowerment and pride. If we can do this while raising money for charity and being our natural fabulous selves, then there is room for YOU to be as fabulous as you are and as you were meant to be.

We believe in freedom of expression, teamwork, effort, and diversity. We are a family, committed to social activism, social service and spiritual development. The Order strives to strengthen its community through drag activism, by raising much-needed funds for community charities, and by bringing about a better understanding of gay spirituality. The Sisters also work to unite the various factions of the Southern California lesbian and gay community and raise drag awareness among individuals, businesses, and organizations that are often ignorant or even hostile to members of the drag population.

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