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Before Dawn Summers, before the Trio, and before Potential Slayers, there was Pruitt and Crawford. We are delighted to announce that this lovely and talented couple will be joining us at the Warner Center Marriott for WhedonCon 2017, taking place May 19-21 in Los Angeles. This will be their first ever appearance for Buffy fans in the U.S.

Jeff Pruitt and wife Sophia Crawford both joined the Buffy the Vampire Slayer team in the show's infancy and helped to shape it into the cult classic it became. Pruitt first set foot in Sunnydale in 1997 with episode 14 of the series, "Some Assembly Required." He stepped in as stunt coordinator to fill the shoes of Jeff Smolek, who had worked on the complete first season. Pruitt went on to coordinate stunts and choreograph fights for 65 episodes, including the rest of season two, all of season three, and all of season four. He also coordinated and performed stunts for the 2002 Buffy video game for XBox. As a stunt performer and later as stunt double to the Slayer herself, Sophia Crawford was a mainstay on the show for 77 episodes. Her journey began with the pilot, "Welcome to the Hellmouth," and she went on to appear in every single episode of the first four seasons, completing her journey within the dreams of "Restless." Like Pruitt, Crawford also worked on the 2002 Buffy game for XBox as a motion caption actress, performing stunts for the animators to simulate.

This week, a member of our staff spoke to Pruitt about his contributions to Buffy, what Buffy means to him (A whole lot, considering that he asked Crawford to marry him on the set of the show), and what he hopes to get up to at WhedonCon 2017. He weighed in on the following topics:

On Who He Is

"I was the stunt coordinator and fight choreographer for the Buffy series. That was my title."

[BELOW: Pruitt pictured with Buffy star Seth Green]

On What Else He Did on the Set of Buffy

"I did double Spike and Xander from time to time and performed all sorts of stunts on camera throughout the show as various characters."

[BELOW: Pruitt with Vampire stunt doubles while shooting "Doppelgängland"]

On Setting the Record Straight

"I noticed that [in the press] I [sometimes get] called 'Angel's stunt double.' I didn't do that. I choreographed the fights but I hired several others to be the Angel double."

[BELOW: Pruitt in vampface on the set of Buffy]

On Previous Con Appearances

"We've only attended one Buffy event and that was back in 2000 in Scotland. We brought 8 x 10's and signed those . . . We also sat on stage and answered questions. We have done a few Power Ranger events.*"

[BELOW: Danny Strong, Zach Hudson, Jeff Pruitt, Sophia Crawford, and Lee Whitaker shooting the episode "Superstar"]

On What Fans Can Bring or Buy

"As far as autographs go, we usually just sign whatever people want us to. [W]e can print up some photos of us with demons or vamps or something from the show and use that to do the autograph thing."

[Below: Crawford explains an action to Sarah Michelle Gellar on set for "The Wish"]

On What Pruitt and Crawford Bring to WhedonCon

"I only have one request: As far as special projects we'd like to screen, I would like to bring a behind-the-scenes DVD of stunts, actors, and Joss and the crew to play for the fans somehow. Including some of Joss telling me what he wants for the finale of season three and a bit of our struggles to keep it within the budget. No one has ever seen this before . . . I have four years' worth of daily footage of the making of BUFFY. I think it would be something [the fans] would enjoy. And, of course, we'd be happy . . . on any panel you want to put us on. No problem there. Buffy was such a great show, I could go on and on about how we made it."

[BELOW: Pruitt and Crawford on the set of SHEENA]

Don't Miss Out on this Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity!

If you want to meet the couple that kept the Slayer nimble and the vampires fierce and even lay eyes on some exclusive never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage, pick up your WhedonCon membership today.

For a delightfully in-depth interview with both Pruitt and Crawford, click here.

* Jeff Pruitt worked as stunt coordinator on 63 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1994-1995 and the 1995 Power Rangers movie. He also served as second unit director for these episodes and possibly more.

[pictured LEFT with actors from the show] Sophia Crawford worked on over 60 episodes of MMPR (sometimes uncredited) in 1994 and the 1995 movie, primarily doubling for the pink ranger. [RIGHT: Crawford as pink ranger Kimberly Hart]

[BELOW: Pruitt with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers]

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article omitted Jeff Pruitt's contributions as director of MMPR and incorrectly stated that Sophia Crawford only worked on 3 episodes instead of over 60. It also stated that Crawford did not work on the Buffy episode "Witch," which was incorrect.

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