Hotel Happiness for WhedonCon!

Everyone loves going to conventions, and WhedonCon is one you don't want to miss, but at the end of the day, when your feet are blistered and pulsing like a super nova and your memory sack is full to bursting, there's nothing like simply hopping on an elevator and going right upstairs to your super comfy hotel room. No travel time, no Uber weirdness, just a face plant into a feather pillow that's cool and clean, and smells like your childhood (assuming you had an awesome childhood).

And here's the best part - you can save a whopping 45% on your room at The Marriott! That's a pretty decent discount - BUT YOU HAVE TO HURRY! The offer ends on Thursday, April 26th!

That's tomorrow!

Here's the deal - the discounted room rate is only $123.00 a night for groups of up to 4 people per room. That's like (does math in head) uh... not much per person! Jump on it quick, and you can be jumping on your bed with happiness at the Con. (Actually, you probably shouldn't jump on the bed. Safety first.)

Click HERE to book your accommodations now.


You can win a TWO-NIGHT FREE HOTEL STAY plus CON PASSES for WhedonCon 2019!!!

But you can only win if you stay at The Marriott for the Con this year, too. All WhedonCon attendees who stay at The Marriott will be entered into a drawing for a pretty sweet package that includes not only your stay at the hotel for WhedonCon 2019, but two passes to the Con, as well. (valued at $750! What?! I know!)

Click the link below for all the details!


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