Ok! Blow those doors wide open! The Con is happening! The Opening Ceremonies are over, and this promises to be one very special weekend of nerding out gleefully over all things Joss Whedon!

MC'ing the Opening was the very entertaining Ian Martin of The Passion of the Nerd (https://www.youtube.com/passionofthenerd) and his speech really set the tone for this event; It's all about the Love. That's why all these people are here. That's what brings us together as a tribe - Love for stories that transport us to places we can only dream of, with characters who embody not only all of the traits we admire - strength, courage, honor, wisdom and innocence, resolution, sincerity, integrity - but also characters who reflect our dark sides, as well. We see ourselves in Buffy, Xander, and Willow, Mal, Zoe, and Wash, but also in Angel, Spike, Cordelia, and perhaps even in The Alliance - Not everybody's a Brown Coat! - but that's what draws us so deeply into these worlds.

In his speech, Ian said, "To be a fan is to love, either passionately, or irrationally, or excessively, or cautiously, or kindly, or all of them, or none of them. But we are all here together today, all of us, because we love."

Let this LoveFest begin!

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