The Who's Who of WhedonCon's Burlesque

The talented cast of Lusty Kitten Productions is thrilled to take their audience on a journey Across the Whedonverse this weekend at WhedonCon 2017. Take a moment to meet a few of the performers who will be tantalizing attendees this Friday, May 19th at 9pm at the Warner Center Marriott.

WhedonCon kicks off tomorrow, May 19th. Come for a full weekend of entertainment and partying for the low price of $45. For those just looking to take in the Across the Whedonverse Burlesque, Friday day passes are only $20 and the proceeds go to charity.

Spy Kitten, Producer and Host

Tagline: She's the tart with a heart. You’ll be smitten with Spy Kitten!

Favorite Whedon Character: Buffy Summers-- anyone who can die twice and come back to find a way to activate potential slayers *and* finish off The First is a total bad ass.

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Photo By: La Photographie Nashville

Mae Lust, Producer and Host

Tagline: With a smile that beguiles, and curves that can't be avoided!

Favorite Whedon Character: Buffy Summers

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Photo By: Stacie Milmeister

Greta Grenade, Performer

Tagline: She's the bomb that goes off in your hand!

Favorite Whedon Character: Can I say the unicorn from Cabin in the Woods? :p Probably Oz. I was always an Oz fangirl.

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Photo By: Brittany Oliphant

Rynie Das Wreckless, Performer

Tagline: "Saving the world from the mundane one boob at a time..."

Favorite Whedon Character: Willow from Buffy!

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Photo by: Jason Kamimura

Leia la Voix, Performer

Tagline: "Her va-va-voom speaks volumes!"

Favorite Whedon Character: Kaylee :)

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Photo By: Bob Debris

Tas DeVille, Performer

Tagline: The Bengal Bombshell of Burlesque who is naughty and nice with an angel's voice!

Favorite Whedon Character: Zoe Washburne from Firefly

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Photo By: Tina Carbone Films

Holly Go Darkly, Performer

Tagline: The Riot Ghoul that goes Bump and Grind in the night.

Favorite Whedon Character: This is an incredibly difficult question. I've narrowed it down to Anya, Giles, Dr. Horrible, and Tara

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Photo By: PhotoJenInc.

June Au'Purr Darling, Performer

Tagline: The girl that will make you PURRR... just to say her name... June Au'Purr Darling

Favorite Whedon Character: Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (I named my cat after him Capt. Meowcolm Reynolds)

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Photo By: June Au’Purr Darling

Kirby LaBrea, Performer

Tagline: The reigning “Mr. Hollywood Burlesque”

Favorite Whedon Character: Anya

Photo By: Angela So Photography

Delilah DeMilo, Performer

Photo By: Tim Hunter Photography

Not Pictured

Amelia Strangotti, Tarot Card Reader

Favorite Whedon Character: Anya

Angie Cakes, Stage Kitten

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