Fresh from the Belly of the Sunnydale Mayor, Armin Shimerman Tells All!

This Spring, Armin Shimerman will be spellbinding fans with tales of his adventures on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and a long list of other amazing projects at WhedonCon 2017.

Famous for portraying Sunnydale High's weaselly Principal Snyder on Buffy, Shimerman is also known for a variety of theatrical, television, and film roles. To Buffy fans he is best known for making the Scoobie Gang's life rough, having "Walk Like An Egyptian" stuck in his head (name that episode!) and for being eaten according to Sunnydale principal tradition (and yes--there's a story behind that too).

Speaking to WhedonCon, Armin took the opportunity "to thank Joss for some of the best lines [I've] ever had" and most importantly for "not killing [me] off as early as he promised."

Many of you will know him as Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. But let the record

show that Armin has done over seventy different Guest Star roles over the course of his thirty years on television including: Seinfeld, Boston Legal, Brooklyn Bridge, the Invisible Man, Stargate, Warehouse 13, Beauty and the Beast, and Timeless. Despite all that work, Armin thinks of himself as a Theatre actor foremost, having done four Broadway shows: Three Penny Opera, St. Joan, Broadway, and I Remember Mama; many Regional Theatre gigs including Leo Tolstoy in Discord at both Geffen Theatre in Los Angeles and at the Arizona Theatre Company in Phoenix, Duke of York in Richard II at the Mark Taper Forum, Scrooge in Christmas Carol at the Nevada Conservatory Theatre, and just finishing his third season at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis playing Fool in King Lear. Armin is the associate Artistic Director of the Antaeus Theatre in Glendale, CA.

In addition to being an actor, he has been a well-known Shakespearean coach and teacher for over 25 years. It is that passion which led him to write three Elizabethan themed Sci-Fi novels, The Merchant Prince series, published by Simon and Schuster. He is currently in discussion with Tor to publish his 4th novel, a period mystery entitled Prospero’s Intelligence. He also has a flourishing career as a voice-over actor performing as Andrew Ryan in the video-game Bioshock, Dr. Nefarious in Ratchet & Clank, Green Goblin in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and on the cartoon channel he spent years as General Skarr in Billy & Mandy/Evil Con Carne cartoon series and multiple characters on the Regular Show. His movies include Ratchet & Clank, What the (bleep)! the Hitcher, Blind Date, and Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus.

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