Gage is All the Rage

WhedonCon is delighted to announce that the talented Christos Gage will be joining the fast-growing lineup of exciting guests for the May 2017 convention. While best known to Whedon fans as the brilliant mind behind Dark Horse Comics series Angel & Faith Season Nine and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten, Gage has blazed a trail in the comic book industry for over a decade with his work on titles such as The Amazing Spider-Man, The Superior Spider-Man, and his creation of the innovative teen series Avengers Academy.

Despite his busy schedule, Gage somehow found time to create and publish three original graphic novels, Area 10, Sunset, and Lion of Rora. Marvel television fans also know him as a staff writer for the entire first season of Netflix’s Daredevil, collaborating with wife Ruth Fletcher Gage to write “Speak of the Devil,” the chapter of the hero’s saga IGN called the quintessential Daredevil episode.

Currently Gage is charged with writing the entirety of Buffy Season Eleven, on sale now from Dark Horse Comics. Fans of the Buffy and Angel comic series relish Christos’ talent for storytelling, his penchant for wit, and his remarkable ability to write in the voices of Whedon’s characters. With Gage at the helm, the Buffy and Angel titles transformed the reading experience from adjusting to a familiar friend in a new medium to genuinely feeling like you are watching an episode of the show.

Fans aren’t the only ones singing his praises though. Early in his career, Gage won the honor of Breakout Talent at the 2007 Comics Nexus Awards. In the following years, he was nominated for a SHINE Award (Best Scene Stealer) for his episode of Law & Order SVU, a GLAAD Award (Outstanding Comic Book) for his work on the comic Midnighter, and a Harvey Award (Best New Series) for Angel & Faith. Since beginning his career, Gage has made the New York Times bestseller list a total of three times.

At this year's convention, Gage joins onscreen Whedonverse alum Nicholas Brendon, Harry Groener, Keith Szarabajka, Armin Shimerman, Camden Toy, James Leary, Miracle Laurie, Andrew Ferchland, and Damion Poitier as well as Tim Minear, Farscape’s Gigi Edley, and WhedonCon 2017 Guest of Honor David Fury.

Given his longstanding history with Whedon’s comic franchises, Gage is sure to bring a unique and unforgettable perspective to WhedonCon 2017, particularly as the sole scribe of the ongoing Buffy Season Eleven. Whedonites and comic junkies looking to rub elbows with this talented up-and-comer can purchase memberships here.

WhedonCon 2017 is kicking ass and staking vamps May 19-21 at The Warner Center Marriott in Los Angeles. In honor of the late Ron Glass, all proceeds from the convention will go towards The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, a charity that provides free and low-cost after school and summer programs for students in grades 3-12.

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